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"...using Paradigm software for more than 13 years and I have found the software to be very beneficial; not only in filing claims, but also in producing reports that enable you to successfully operate a medical practice. In 2002, I opened a medical billing service ... one choice was clear. Paradigm is the ONLY medical billing software for my company... MD Billing Services, LLC"

~ Pat Smith, CEO


PARADIGM uses the latest in computer technology. The application is served to a web browser (Internet Explorer) on your PC workstation via your local area network. But you can expand beyond your office for account management from home or the hospital via a Virtual Private Network added to your workstation. Now you have access to your accounts securely, anytime, anywhere via the internet.

PARADIGM interfaces with other vendors’ applications to solve other matters of interest you may have in your offices. Programs such as automatic telephone dialers for appointment reminders can easily access the PARADIGM data bases via HL7-Interfaces, Custom Interfaces or ODBC. You are not tied into a proprietary data base with PARADIGM that requires expensive programming just to export or import data.

Optional Modules