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"...we have seen a substantial increase in our collections per procedure and overall revenue. Utilizing features such as electronic remittance advice among others, our practice has enjoyed the luxury of the increased revenue with an actual decrease in manpower and manual tasks... University Radiology"

~ Michael W. Langenberg, CPA

Account Management

PARADIGM’s success is based on its productivity and efficiency. For example, we manage all of a patient’s visit information on a single screen, called the Encounter Screen. Posting a visit takes only seconds because you don’t have to use multiple screens.

Learning PARADIGM is also a snap because once you’ve learned the Encounter Screen, you have learned the screen where most of your work is done.


The Encounter Screen contains:

  • Patient Name and Account Number
  • Guarantor Name and Account Number
  • Primary Insurance Plan
  • Secondary Insurance Plan
  • Up To 8 Diagnosis Codes
  • CPT/Charge Codes
  • Date of Service
  • Claim Filing Status
  • Controls Which Claims Are Filed
  • Line Item Payment and Adjustment Information
  • Fee Slip Tracking Number
  • Billing Physician
  • Attending Physician
  • Location
  • Referring Physician
  • Facility for Visit
  • Worker’s Compensation Claim Details
  • Next Appointment Information
  • Patient Notes
  • Guarantor Notes
  • Collection Notes
  • Control Whether The Visit is HCFA or UB04
  • Statement Mailing Date
  • Patient Balance
  • Account Balance On File
  • Account Statement Aging