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"...QRS has meant Quality, Response and Service. Since our changing to QRS fifteen years ago, their staff, software and hardware have been top Quality. Even our new personnel, once taught the system, consider Paradigm superior to any other. We have had zero downtime, and only one interruption which was easily handled by our very affordable seamless duplicate system which is offsite and quality engineered by QRS..."

~ Paul Latour, M.D.

Software Implementation

Once you have decided to go with a QRS system, an implementation specialist will contact you to create a timeline to get your system in play. For a typical PARADIGM EHR system, this timeline will run from twelve to 16 weeks. For the PARADIGM Practice Management Suite, the timeline typically runs four to eight weeks.

This implementation process for PARADIGM EHR includes:

  • Meeting to discuss data collection (forms)
  • Chart design (tab layout)
  • Scanning plan
  • Review of forms and testing
  • Final note (layout, verbiage)
  • Set go live date

The implementation of the PARADIGM practice management suite includes:

  • Help with Claims enrollment
  • Creating a training schedule
  • Coordination of installation
  • Set go live date
  • Implementation services are included in the cost of the software application.